Can I just…

Moxy sent a box of food to me and it arrived today. Normally I am really bad about accepting gifts and nice things from people, (I worry I don’t deserve it, and I suck at even getting positive feedback about fics/art/etc; I never know how to feel or respond to kindness) but lately I’ve been accepting whatever because times really are that tough and I’m honestly scared I won’t be able to eat. Not that I think my local friends wouldn’t help if I was desperate, but honestly they’ve already done enough to help me and I feel like a horse’s ass asking for anything more.

I just wanted to publically say thank you to anyone who has ever been kind to me like this, because it always floors me and I never know what to say because nothing ever feels like enough. Moxy has sent me food she didn’t need to part with at all, Sev sent me her old iPad and has bought me gluten-free pizza and done all sorts of awesome shit, Blue has driven from Ohio to Florida and back again THREE TIMES to be around me (and Scarlet and Juno too, but sticking with me for whatever reason!) and all she does on top of that, Jim is letting me stay in his home and sleep on his couch and puts up with my daily bullshit and lack of job while I pull my life back together, Tasha has bought me meals when we’re out, amoung all the hours and hours and hours all of my friends have spent, or wasted, talking to me and keeping me company and comforting me when I’m a wreck about whatever little piddly tiny thing. I NOTICE ALL OF IT AND I DON’T FORGET IT OKAY ;; Even if I haven’t mentioned you I remember!!

YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING and I’m so sorry I suck so bad at showing apprecaition about it.

I also just noticed I somehow have 300 followers. THAT blows me away too, that so many people put up with my occaisional crying bitching moody whateverthefuck. You guys are so fucking sweet seriously sdjhgsdgsdkfjg ;;

I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve so much awesomeness but I seriously do appreciate it ;; Thank yoooouuuu.

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