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Tags: like the motherfuckers that say tattoos don't hurt YES THEY DO SJFSGFSFH It's a good pain tho. But still owowowowow
  1. talani-silverwolf said: Oh gods! My nephew’s got ones so big he looks like he belongs in the Amazon!
  2. justiceisanoncorrosivemetal said: ((That’s not joke. When I gauged up from standard 20 to 16 it hurt and that was just two small sizes. What is the gauging difference that you’re doing now?))
  3. tiinasaurus said: I used neosporin mixed with vaseline as lubricant when I stretched my ears. There’s some pain reliever in the neosporin, which helped a smidge… still hurt, but more of an ache than a stabbing pain.
  4. emmalycanthrope said: Maybe people who say that just took like 5 painkillers?? That would be cheating though. XD
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