Not that anybody is still up but—



Now just don’tchangemyscheduleatallyoumotherfuckersorI’llcutyou

OH and incase anyone is wondering, Composition II, Algebra (shut up I’m an artist not a math major), and Speech Communication. Looks like I get into some of the actual Business stuff next semester, if I’m lucky. Oooooh. Progress? Although the sad news is that at least two days out of the week I’ll be FUCKING GONE and busy as shit. I can’t bullshit at all anymore, I can afford to. I might get my previous bad grades taken off my record soon by sheer luck (omg) thanks to pretty-much disability bullshit. So if that happens I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO GIVE A SHIT and can’t slack at all because if I have the chance to salvage my GPA I’m going to keep it good.

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  1. tabbydragon said: Aw yeah!! Nice job, Filthy! Now to kick that GPA’s ass!
  2. murasakiyugata said: Congrats!
  3. emmalycanthrope said: YAY I’m so glad!! :D Congrats darlin’, you can do it!! <3
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  5. justiceisanoncorrosivemetal said: ((Yay! I’m glad things are looking up for you.))
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    Fuck yeah! Make dem classes your bitch
  7. phantom-sk said: OOC:GOOD ON YA!!!!

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