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do you exercise regularly? that really helped my anxiety.
Not really. This is going to change since HOLY SHIT I am the sorest person ever from moving shit x__x;;
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I’ve never had problems with sudafed and my anti-anxiety meds, but thats just me. Maybe something like Flonase that you do every day? Hopefully that will help?
I shall look into it~ Thank you c: 
tiinasaurus replied to your post: whoops
This is super unhelpful for immediate relief, but if you can eat honey, (I know you have food intolerances, so I don’t want to assume) having local honey daily helps with allergies. 
Oh? o___o I will have to look into this…! Thanks!
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  1. blueraysunshine said: I had HORRIBLE anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, and insomnia from Claritin-D, though the regular stuff just makes me a little jumpy in the mornings. Have you tried Zyrtec? Everyone reacts differently to different meds.
  2. alpha-centari27 said: If you feel sore or think you’re going to feel sore the next day taking a hot bath with epsom salts helps a lot.
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