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Damn you, Dreamworks. My wallet cries all the time because of you. XP


So my kids were watching the movie Turbo the other day…(don’t look at me like that, I didn’t watch it!) (Plus it was free from the library, how could I say no to them?)  I had to walk through the room a few times unfortunately, and overheard a few things.

Such as:  Turbo asks a group of snails if “anyone in the back has any questions.” Granted, this is not a big thing, but it raised my suspicions, because it sounded sort of familiar…

Another scene, one character says to another that, with “my brains and your speed, we should get matching costumes or something.” And I thought “Say WHAT? That sounds VERY familiar.” (This isn’t a direct quote, but I wasn’t about to sit through the damn film and capture every word exactly. Sorry. Maybe I should have.)

One scene near the end, one snail tells his brother that the thing he likes most about him is that he never gives up.

And by that point I was furious. I’ll let the first example slide, as well as another example where a character says his ears are burning, because those are fairly common comments that could come from anywhere really, but the others…? Those scenes sounded like they were lifted straight out of the Megamind movie.

So I am extremely disappointed with DreamWorks right now. Extremely, massively disappointed, and angry. 

Megamind is not considered worthy of a sequel, but apparently it is okay to plagiarize. Yes, similar ideas and themes show up in different films in different ways, but this just seems like plagiarism to me.

Yer KILLIN’ me DreamWorks.

And I’m sorry if I have offended anyone who likes the Turbo movie, my kids liked it, but I think DW should not have reworked stuff from Megamind into another film like this. 

People didn’t like Megamind apparently so lets take lines and concepts from the movie and put em on snails

that will do better


Anonymous asked:
In the new Spongebob movie trailer, they play "Welcome to the Jungle." I am miffed.




Jeffrey Katzenberg pisses me off because like… dude has the biggest balls on earth for owning the shit out of Disney and ragequitting in a firey ball of kickassery and I admire that so much. But then he canned Megamind 2 to make Turbo and fired a bunch of employees after ROTG while crying about the company’s lack of money and then months later tried to offer $75million for three more episodes of Breaking Bad.

cypeo asked:
hey there, I just saw your megamind post, and I loved it. I never noticed that Roxanne carried the story along. That's really cool, I'll have to go watch it again (for the 300th time haha) But I'm curious as to why you think Megamind is bi? It sounds like a great concept, and I could honestly believe it, but where do you draw your reasoning?

cypeo Thank you! :D I have a few theories and I feel like I already posted them, but I doubt I can find the post now. XD;

And I’m bisexual. Idk, it’s kind of like when someone has a gay-dar of sorts. There are some people I look at and my brain goes “hella bi. hella.”. Megamind fits that feeling for me very well.

He clearly has a HUGE fanboy obsession with Metro Man and spends the majority of his life obsessing over “defeating” him. It’s doubtful he actually had real intents to kill him. (“I meant to destroy you, but I didn’t think it would actually work.”) He’s in his mid-to-late 30s, maybe early 40s, so he’s been obsessing for a seriously long time. Roxanne is clearly in his interests as well, but at least in the beginning of the movie, she’s more of a tool for him to get Metro Man to come to him. He also reacts very similar to them both, in certain ways that my brain screams “oh, just do them both already!”

And I had many other theories but I lost them by now. I’m groggy and have to work tonight, sorry! dani-kin, help me out? Maybe?

Anonymous asked:
i may or may not have just spent like an hour going through megamind stuff and your blog. i watched this film the other day and oH MY GOD MEGS IS SUCH A BABE. i think im in love, lol. i love your blog, too. have a nice day. bye. (^_^)/



but hey come off of Anon and join us! This fandom is a little small now but we are the most stubborn fandom ever! And totally chill with crackships and whatever. Most of us are adults and we try to keep the drama to a minimum. We’re in the “Megamind” tag here quite often.

Also thank you for your kind words! :3

Okay lets talk for a minute about Dreamworks’ A+ merchandising for HTTYD2.

Because wow.

Like I’ve actually bought a bunch of HTTYD2 stuff JUST BECAUSE I am so amazed at the effort and quality of some of these toys. And look at these! LOOK AT THESE CUTE THINGS they are little squirty toys for the bath for little kids HOW CAN YOU HATE THIS

The movie was A+ to begin with, but the effort that went into merchandising is incredible. I have so much junk of Toothless right now. Some toys, the soundtrack, the first movie on BluRay, some plushes… It’ll never be Megamind and it will never make up for the lack of Megamind stuff in general, but it’s a huge step up and I’ve never been so happy to see merch shoved in my face in so many stores. Seriously. So much.

Like I even found WRAPPING PAPER in WalMart. I have it. I will probably never use it for anything BUT I HAVE IT because seriously wow what the hell.

Dreamworks is NOT known for having well-made and plentiful merch and seriously GIVE THESE PEOPLE A RAISE OKAY


also Megamind 2 forever

Please support Dreamworks and HTTYD2!

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Megamind - Undisclosed Desires (by RatCat92)


You and me against the world by Kittykatpaws

Someone for the love of god draw Megamind in the ball pit

Anonymous asked:
If you talk about rise of the guardians people might get mad at you because that cost a lot of people a lot of jobs. It would be a touchy subject it was considered to be a huge failure and someone who lost their job because of it might be at the con so maybe that one isn't such a good idea.

You have good timing because I just turned off anons for now. (It’ll be back later)

Actually it would be in defense of ROTG. The employees that got fired was a huge load of bullshit, considering that Katzenberg then turned around months later at tried to pay $75mil on three more Breaking Bad episodes. Shame on him, shame shame shame. Think of how many employees he could have kept on by just taking a small chunk out of his own pay, seriously. My heart goes out to all of the folks who worked on these movies; these people were wonderful and deserved better.

That and, people should know. Katzenberg has done a lot of really cool things for the world of animation, but lately a lot of things have been incredibly wrong. Firing tons and tons of employees because the company’s movies aren’t making “Shrek Dollars” is unrealistic and a terrible move for the company. Not to mention for all the people who absolutely love working there.

Anonymous asked:
I really want to join the fandom ;.; but I don't feel like I have the history you guys do.

No no no! Please, join! We love new fans! Fans are friends! And we’ll be totally happy to catch you up, I promise! <3

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