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I just had the most fucked up Megamind dream

I’m gonna put it  in a fic muahahahahaha~





"listen here you little sh**, I’m dispensing justice and you’re gonna like it"

Good god, that may well be the most intimidating he’s ever looked. That is the very definition of a ‘slasher smile’ and he’s aiming it at a kid which is just magic! You go Megs! Put the fear of evil heaven in that little punk!

Minion’s expression’s just like, ‘Yeah, you’re gonna die’ 

The best part about megamind is that he can look heck scary while threatening a child with parental authority like

" I’m going to tell your parents and it w̸̤̭̹̹̻͚̦̐ͬ̌̿͆̿̊̾̃ͭ̍̔ͮiͪ̽͒̔̋̆ͨͤ̎̊҉̛͈̰̻̳̘̩̫̩̻̰l̨̡̳̤̹̗̺͍͎͉͇̟̹̾ͧ̿̑ͥ̉ͤ͝ͅl̷̼̬̗͇ͨ̏̃̅͆̒͂ͣͮ͌ͧ͆͛͆̃͜ͅ ̷̵͚̙̰͕͖̗̋ͯ͛̇ͬͨ̍ͤ̇͌̊͆̀̑͗ͩ̂̐̄͘͟b̶̸̖͚̮͇̜͓̣͔̟ͬ͛̓̊̍͂́̈́̄ͬ̌̒ͪ̂͜͡ę̪͔̣͕͔̘̺̖̝̞͙͈͉̦̃̈́͐͋͒ͯ̾͝͠ ̶̸̻̜͎̳̗̼͍̣͋̽̄̾́̚͘ͅḩ̷̣̰̘̈̆̈̔ͮ́̃͟͝e̸̪̻̼͈̹̠̩͈̪̬͈̰̰͗ͬ̌̾͢͝ļ̸̴ͤͯ̑̓҉̗̥̮̟̟l̵̵̨̥̼̥͓̫̪̭̙͒̇̈ͫ̐͊̅̋͗ͤ̋̈́̚̕

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Book Meme

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Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them.

  1. Warcraft: Lord of the Clans(This is a book about Thrall, the eventual leader of the Horde, and how he came to be. I really couldn’t put it down and it’s one of the only book-books I’ve actually finished in years.)
  2. Hellsing (These manga are the absolute opposite of what you would expect me to like, but I love it. It’s probably the closest I will ever get to enjoying extremely graphic material.)
  3. Reality Check! (This was an american manga of sorts back in the day of my childhood. The perk of this comic was that it was colored with lots of at-the-time-INCREDIBLE computer techniques. Where other comics had flat colors and perhaps shading, this coming was like a photoshop coloring wet dream with colorful bubble text. I loved it. Plus, nude furry chick. I was disappointed when it was re-released in black and white with clothing edited onto the character. Somewhere I still have a few of the originals…)
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog by Archie Comics (Okay no seriously this comic THIS FUCKING COMIC was my obsession for years and years. I absolutely loved this and the SatAM Sonic cartoon. There was something about it that drew me in as a child— probably the more serious adult themes applied to cartoon characters. Other comics had their musclebound dudes doing superhero things and I really couldn’t relate to them. I started at issue 13 and gave up somewhwere in the 80-90 range. After that there were just too many changes and too many characters, and I couldn’t keep up. It was also adjusting to be like the video games, which was not the charm of SatAM that I was so used to.)
    edit: GODDAMNIT I had one written for the Knuckles the Echidna comics and it got deleted from this somehow. THEY ARE DARK AND AWESOME AND BETTER THAN THE SONIC ONES AND THEY TOOK KIDS SERIOUSLY AND THREW HARSHER THEMES AT THEM and augh nevermind
  5. Art of Megamind (Obvious like is obvious, but there were so many scrapped ideas for this franchise. My favorite part of this is actually the inclusion of the Doom Syndicate, both the character designs themselves (Hot Flaaaaashhhh) and the colored storyboards showing exactly how far they got through production. Also the possibility of Minion dying for real, which is creepy and interesting. Again, this franchise could go a bit more dark and I would die from happiness (Dreamworks, pelase go ask for the rights for Vice, just do it, please please please))
  6. Megamind Prequel Comic (This is about the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a (mostly) IC and canon Megamind as a villain outside of the movie. I obviously have a soft spot for him as a villain, but what drew me into this character comic-wise was his endless optimism. ""Losses" are "learning experiences." "Defeats" build "determination." "Insults" yield "insight." My "Greatest Hits" (referring to his multiple failures) have confirmed your one true weakness, Metro Man… ROXANNE! The only citizen in Metrosity you seem to know by name!” It flowed well with the eventual lesson from the movie: "There’s a benefit to losing; you get to learn from your mistakes.")
  7. Megamind Comics (The other comics. These released after the movie hit theaters and I can’t decide how I feel about them. I’m not sure they knew where they wanted to go with this, and they eventually scrapped it— either due to a lack of money or the criticism of the fandom, who knows. The comics are inconsistent with both eachother and the Movie canon itself, and came off a little TOO silly to me.I’m absolutely alright with general dorkiness on Megamind’s end, he’s a funny character with a lot of depth and a lot of flaws that are fun to work with— it just seemed like this was ALL they could do. Instead of having any more serious themes or even just slightly “dark” themes it was geared entirely towards kids would weren’t being taken seriously. Like I said before about the Sonic/Knuckles series, I loved those comics for taking me seriously and throwing darker themes at me while keeping the charm of cartoon characters. There is a lot of potential for that in the Megamind franchise. A huge plus to these comics is that Megamind appears to still have some sort of relationship continuing with Roxanne beyond the movie, possibly even living together. Their relationship is friendly and respectful like real relationships should be, and like relationships aren’t often portrayed in media.)
    (Hi my name is Filthy and I over-analyze everything.)
  8. World of Warcraft: Vol’Jin Shadows of the Horde (It’s got Vol’Jin in it ITS GOT FUCKING VOL’JIN IN IT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND I WAITED YEARS AND YEARS FOR TROLLS TO HAVE THEIR OWN BOOK AAAA ;A; But no no seriously Vamp got this for me and it’s been sitting on my bed since the trip. I haven’t read it at all. I think I’m afraid. I want it so bad I’m afraid to touch it. Actually this is an ongoing theme in my life, hurp.)
  9. Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection - Volume 1 (I got this wanting to know more about Deadpool (thank you Tumblr) and holy shit this character is he okay?? He’s definitely out of his mind and I love him for it. Again, this comic is really graphic and like Hellsing, I have no idea why I can handle it. I guess that’s just the magic of having a genuinely good character.)
  10. Flawed Dogs (My ability to sit through books has been very limited over the years, and I bought this out of curiosity for the fact that Dreamworks bought the rights to make a movie for it. I have a soft spot for animals missing limbs and prosthetics in general, so I’m really hoping they tackle it. And who doesn’t like dogs? No really??)

I didn’t think I’d actually hit 10. Wow. Okay.

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Just saw this in a crocs store… it’s like a freaky brainbot Minion o.O



I’m going to hit 1k followers soon o_o I feel like I should do a giveaway or something??

Copies of Megamind?? The art book?? The comic? Something??

I’ve never done a giveaway I don’t knowwww help

It should be something Megamind related, obviously. But something unique. How about

  • A chunk of copper
  • Like, a gallon of dip
  • A stinky bag
  • A black mamba*
  • A dead-eyed plastic desk toy
  • A date with you!
  • After the date, getting dumped. Alone. In the rain. By you.

*Recipient of black mamba should be aware of any restrictions on venomous snakes in their city. You are not responsible for any side effects of said black mamba, such as death.

OH MY GOD yes all of these

I’m going to hit 1k followers soon o_o I feel like I should do a giveaway or something??

Copies of Megamind?? The art book?? The comic? Something??

I’ve never done a giveaway I don’t knowwww help


If anyone tries to tell you Megamind isn’t one of the best superhero movies ever made kill them.

Top 10 DreamWorks Animation movies (as voted by my followers)

↳ [4/10] Megamind (2010)

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Anonymous asked:
Hey there! I noticed something interesting about the movie. When Minion said the villainy things were from a store in Romania, it seemed just a funny coincidence to me, because I live in Romania. And whenever Megamind mispronounces a word, it sounds like I (or anyone from Romania) would read it. Even that "Ollo", although the only person I know who usually says that is my grandma. What are your thoughts on this?

I actually wouldn’t have ever known that, so thank you for pointing it out!

Personally, I don’t know if Will Ferrell or Dreamworks thought into this movie as far as it seems they did (the villain is a Nice Guy! And they wonder why women like this movie, lol). Perhaps there was a plot line planned for later in the series, who even knows!

That and, Will Ferrell continues the mispronunciations in the Lego Movie as Lord Business (who is essentially the same exact character voice as Megamind). The po-leesh remover of nai-eel!

I’m sure the fans could work out a bunch of plotbunnies for this, though! Guys, any thoughts on this?



ladystormcrow asked:
I'd like to read it :)



It seems a few others would be too, so I guess that settles it. It’d be worth attempting if you guys are still interested! Ill start working out ideas then, try to go back to Vice before all the RP when it was about the main characters and him. And fucking with megamind hardcore XD

I’d like to read it as well! :)

Waaaaaant. ;;

Oh btw





Y’know that blog everyone thought I deleted?

I did.

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NEWS AT ELEVEN: Lasers snobbishly removes herself from the Megamind fandom and everyone in it lets the door hit her ass on the way out

Love how you’re speaking for me. Not passive-aggressive at all~ 

Not removing myself; quite the contrary. Just choosing not to associate with the vast majority of you.

But it’s not like that’s the first time someone in the fandom has done that, right? Sensing quite the pattern there…


// No, I actually dont recall anyone but you being such a buttcow but that stalkery psycho years ago who got kicked out of the fandom as well, but, right, since you say it, quite a pattern there: Sending anon hate, stalk accounts and do everything in your power to make people miserable whilst not caring for the ones you hurt along the way. No one of us will rp with you again. Your characters are gone from the list with active rp accounts and you will have to find some other people to make miserable, because we don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour, like any healthy fandom wouldn’t. I defended you because you lied to me and claimed to be innocent, I tried to tidy up all that things you did to nice people so we can all get along despite your buttcowery and I am done with your lies and drama. Have a nice blog and a good life somewhere far, far, far away.

I’ve been flat-out aggressive. There was nothing passive about my feelings towards you, Lasers. You kept taking cheap jabs at Aura and I called you out on it. You threw a hissyfit and now want to say it’s our fault.

It’s not the fandom’s fault you’re a huge jerk.


// Blogs that found their way on my block list and maybe should be on yours, too:







I don’t even want to know what else this person did, but reading THIS she at least deleted a rp blog that was run by someone else. She had the password for that blog because it used to be run by several people and everyone did suspect her back then, but she claimed to be innocent and because we are awesome people, we believed her, for she was, if just from our side, a friend. 

I don’t want to know whether or not she send those anon hate messages to another friend of mine, but she DID bully her in the main chat on AIM, she DID let one of her rp partners completely on her own without any in-story reasons when she just felt like it and flat-out lied to me about that blog she made up for the sole reason of making someone else uncomfortable. I am done with her, the whole fandom as well from the looks of it, and so I updated the list of active rp-ers and blocked her now, too.

The way I handle things is that previous rp’s with these characters did happen, but my character won’t run into them anymore.

Yeah, fandom, heads up. We’re almost all adults in our little fandom and always have been, so yeah, you’re expected to act like one when it comes to conflicts. If your idea of letting someone know they’ve upset you is to be passive aggressive and lie about deleting their things, you do not belong in a community like ours. At all. Most of us are victims of abuse one way or another and do not need to deal with this kind of shit in one of the only places we actually feel safe.

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